About Tres Gatos

TRES GATOS is a power trio from Central California that has been together for about ten years. The band utilizes elements of surf, blues, funk, punk, chunk, 60's psychedelia, garage-abilly and even flamenco... to create their own motley mix of musical mayhem!  Witness the crunchy funk of  Ruby Slippers , (a girl-rap from Dorothyland), or the Gatos' demented butchery of the classic Bang A Gong (Get It On)  This talented trio makes their audience feel like they are part of the show. Movie and rock trivia, impromptu dance contests, lovely parting gifts (from the dollar store), the audience getting pelted with sumptuous snack cakes... all part of the Tres Gatos rock & roll experience!!

Jules Vern, bass player, comic, trivia queen and co-founder of TG, brings her flawless timing, punk-girl vocals and kitchy fashion-sense to the stage. (She did some amateur standup comedy before taking up the pink Fender bass guitar over ten years ago.) Jules Vern was born Julie DuFriend in San Luis Obispo, CA. Growing up there, and attending San Luis High, she dreamed of someday being in "show biz".  In addition to her wise-acre stage banter, bombastic bass bumping, short skirts and tall go-go boots, Jules is responsible for penning most of TRES GATOS' song lyrics. Her favorite characters: Carol Burnett, Hello Kitty and Dorothy. Favorite TV shows: The Brady Bunch, The Carol Burnett Show, and The Partridge Family. Musical influences: 60's, 70's and 80's dance everything! Favorite movie: Wizard of Oz. Favorite movie quote: "There's no place like home!!" Favorite food: pancakes!

Pat Jeter (a.k.a. Phylo P.), guitarist, vocalist and foundist.. er, uh... co-founder.. of TRES GATOS, really wanted to play the drums way back when.. but Mom and Dad bought him a guitar instead, thinking that it would be less annoying... (ha!) Young Patrick soon developed an obsession for the guitar. Pat's musical influences?  60's TV show themes, surf music, blues (oh yeah), flamenco, soul, acid rock, punk rock, garage rock, metal... People he's starstruck over: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant,  Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Costello, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Diana Krall, Helen Mirren and Eve Best. Other favorite pastimes: Hangin' with the Headhunters Kar Club and getting people to drive him around in his purple '31 Model A hot rod... (he's blind in one eye and can't see out of the other) Favorite quote: "You just can't fix stupid!" Favorite food:  Starbucks Venti Ice Coffee. 

Introducing John Hacker (a.k.a. Johnny Hell), exalted drummer, who has recently joined the band. John was born in Reseda, moved to Morro Bay at the age of ten and took up the drums, jammed with various garage bands and practiced his little heart out all the while. Eventually responsibility reared it's head and John had to take a bit of a hiatus... but he's back with vengeance! He re-wet his feet with a popular local group... then met the Gatos...and that was all she wrote! John is well-versed in all types of music and is enthusiastic about it all. He has studied with the awesome Dale Moon and brings a rawness and exuberance to Tres Gatos. Johnny and his lovely wife and kids reside in Atascadero CA. In addition to staying fit, so he can pound the crap outa those drums... he backpacks and goes camping with his family and is into martial arts. Johnny's favorite color is plaid. His favorite quote is: "Hey you guys wanna practice this Thursday??!''

Booking Info: (805)462-3210 or (805)712-7002